Our Activities

Co curricular Activities

Our school is taking initiative to introduce ART, DANCE , MUSIC, KARATE AND MIME as special classes for our students from the upcoming year. This classes will be under the supervision of our experienced teachers since our prime motive is the all round development of our students through extra co-curricular activities. Interested guardians are requested to contact office.

Educational Tour

The school does not believe that Education and Knowledge begins and ends with books. Therefore, it organizes an ‘Educational Tour’ every year to enable student to get a graphic and picturesque detail of what they have covered in there theoretical studies. This tour enables the young learners to widen the horizon of their knowledge and broaden the depth of their interest.

School Excursion

In order to instruct through entertainment , the School Excursion is also organised every year. The major aim of the Excursion is to give a day’s freedom to the students, at the same time evaluating their self- carrying capacity, discipline, punctuality, outside the school campus and their willingness to share and care. The day is spent in great fun and frolic which provides a lot of added energy to our students.

St Luke's Day School

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